ACT-1000 Voice/3G/4G


If you can’t either call without interruptions or access 3G/4G data in your home or office, our dual and tri band mobile phone boosters are your efficient solutions!
Signalpro dual bands boosters perform at GSM/UMTS 900 MHz 3G 2100 MHz signal standards and are used to improve both voice service and 3G data. GD series repeaters (GSM/UMTS 900 LTE/DCS 1800 MHz ) boost calls and 4G data at a time and tri bands are all-in-one solutions for voice, 3G and 4G data improvement.

  • Network: GSM/UMTS 900 MHz WCDMA 2100 MHz
  • Coverage: up to 200 – 2000 sq.m.
  • Supports: Multiple mobile phone use (up to 80 phones in one area)