ACT- 1100 Car

Ready-made Amplifier Solutions for Vehicles
Our vehicle ready-made solution will bring down any signal obstacles on your way and provide you with constant connections regardless of changing environmental conditions. The solution is equally applicable to any kind of vehicle like car, bus, van or any other.

Ready-made Solution is Fully Ready For Your Trip
We included everything necessary into our kit, so that you don’t have to care about any extras. As soon as you obtain Signalpro vehicle solution, be sure to start your journeys with a permanent luggage of perfect calls and Internet 3G. The kit includes: cell phone signal repeater, two antennas, cables and mountings.

Ready-Made Solution is Suitable for Any Network
Our mobile signal repeater ready-made solution is able to improve whatever you need – voice or both voice and 3G/4G data. Decide what network you lack and choose the most appropriate solution for you from the catalogue below. If you have any questions, please contact our Signalpro support center.